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you must.
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There are so many PTC sites out there that you don't know who to trust anymore. Do you spend hours clicking away wondering if you will ever get paid? Stop losing your time in programs which do not pay. Choose your PTC programs carefully. If you're not making money, you may be in the wrong programs.

The following sites are here for a reason, these PTC sites I listed below all are the reliable and steady sites around. Trust but verify here. No need to look further, join a few today and start getting paid regularly.

Be sure to check back frequently as I will be updating this list regularly. (Surfing? Click here to open this page in a new window!)

Site of The Day: $500 A Day  

Current: paying

So you want to earn $500 a day? Easy. You need only 2 programs below. What is the EASIEST way to make money on the internet - You may be surprised.I am currently getting paid $500+ everyday from below 2 programs. First program is paying me instantly - daily. Second program is payinf me automatically - daily. And to add to this: I did NOT have to pay a subscription...I did NOT have to surf...I did NOT have to do any recruiting...I did NOT have to do anything at all!

Site of The Week: SBC PowerLine

Current: paying                                            $25 via Payoneer, Direct Doposit

Massive 1 Line Spillovers! Earn $4000 A Month hands free residual income stream! Find out how I got paid to do nothing! Incredible massive one line spillovers and get paid from them. If this doesn't blow you away, nothing ever will...!! If you join my team, you will get below bonuses for free: 1 - Powerful and high converting "custom" landing pages for free 2 - You will get added into our powerful hands free team rotator PS: You don't need to know anything about building a website, or learning how to use an autoresponder and following up with your prospects - it's all done for you.PPS: After signup, NO need to contact me, it's FULLY automatic. Once you signed up, you will receive a full construction email. If you get your referrals, they should be treated the same. So it's fully automated system, hands FREE! Join my team, Join FREE:

Site of The Month: ClixSense      Proof of payment: 23 times / $313.50

Current: paying    Link values: $0.01    Payout: $8    2 times a Week via PP,AP,LR,CH

Launched on February 2007. Runs on a custom script. The largest and most trusted PTC site on the internet. This site has paid its members over $1 million, NEVER failed to pay on time every time. Earn up to 2c per click, Up to 1c per referral click, Huge 8 level referral program ($2 bonus when 1st level referral upgrades), Daily prizes up to $5 with ClixGrid, 20c sign-up bonus (after 20 clicks), Guaranteed ads daily. Payment by Check, PayPal, PayToo. Owned by Jim Grago of USA, The same owner of AdHitz. If you have missed this site for whatever reason, better late than never.

1. Recent PTC news and site updates :   

May 01, 2016: CommHubb In Pre-Launch. Get 5 free units of profit sharing for free sign-up. Earn cash, stock, bonuses, contests and even jobs. 100% free for worldwide!

2. Recent payments from :
                                     (Last updated: July 14, 2016)



Amount /




$47.50 / $380

5 times / Show me



$47.50 / $332.50

4 times / Show me


ClixSense *

$17.39 / $358.48

25 times / Show me


3. The new PTC sites!

I do much research before joining a new program to make sure they are good sites as should you. There's not enough info to rate them yet. But I have joined, clicked and investigated them. Quite possibly the great programs. Most promising sites only.


Current: paying  Payouts: $20 via PayPal, PostalService, BankTransfer,CH,Skrill

100% free worldwide internet! 100% owned and controlled by you! Get 5 free shares of stock in a (soon) multi-billion dollar company. Plus 5 free units of profit sharing! Plus you can earn more cash, stock, bonuses, contests, jobs, and more! All 100% free forever - guaranteed! You can earn commissions, stock, profit sharing, and employment! You will get paid ($20 minimum) every month (5th) via Paypal or postal service, soon bank transfer, check, and Skrill also.

Messages from the founder: My name is Vashek Mohr. I am 63 years old and one of 3 Founders (all American) of CommHubb. The 3 of us will be the managing partners for the first 2 years ONLY (until the IPO) and then we plan to retire. As the Founders and temporary Admin, my 2 partners and I will take 5% of stock and 5% of all profits in total AND THAT IS ALL.

Join CommHubb today!


Current: paying  Link values: $0.01  Payout: $5 within 24 hrs via PP,Payza,STP,BTC

Launched on April 15th 2016. Runs on Evolution script V5.2. Earn up to $60 per day! Daily contests, games, and cash prizes for members. AD Click values are 50% - up to 200%. Referral commissions are 10% - up to 150%. Referral upgrade commissions are $0.25 - up to $2.50. Referral ad purchase commissions are 2 - up to 11%. Minimum withdrawal request is $5 for all members. You can make desposits and withdrawls using Paypal, Payza, SolidTrustPay, and Bitcoin.

Join VIRU5 today!


Current: paying           $20 via PayPal, Payza, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin

20 bucks turns into hundreds, no monthly fees. Self sustaining program with guaranteed participation. Not meaning to brag here but you won't find an opportunity like this very often. With a $20 one time donation, this international crowd sharing platform can help you bring in those team members you have been searching for and can give you real Financial Freedom. Take that first step and join us.


4. The legit PTC sites!

The following programs are the sustainable programs. If you looking for *reliable* and *stable* sites, then here's your list. They all pay and are very active. Managed by reliable webmasters.


Current: paying   Link values: $0.001   Payout: $10  via PayPal, Payza, STP, PM

Get paid daily just for being our member! This site is the one of the MultiMoneyGroup family which includes: DonkeyMails, No-Minimum, GetPaidMail, YouRoMail, JillsClickCorner etc. MultiMoneyGroup is one of the most creative PTR/PTC/Traffic/AD Group in the industry today. The site is administered by Sebas Broekhof who has a very high reputation. He is also a proven big payer. Free international unique PTC with great earnings. Get 1 share just sign for free plus 10 share bonus for each referral that earned you $1.50. Minimum of 2.5 cent on cash ads to earn daily. Earn cash for unlimited referrals in 5 levels, 25-10-5-3-1% ref earnings. You will also earn directly from paid to click, paid emails, toolbar offers, free signup offers and other daily offers. $10 payout via Paypal, Payza, SolidTrustPay and PerfectMoney!

JillsClickCorner                               Proof of payment: 14 times / $20.14

Current: paying   Link values: $0.001   Payout: $1   Within 24 hours via PP,AP,LR

Launched on March 2006. Runs on ShiftCode script. Part of the MultiMoneyGroup family which includes:  DonkeyMails, No-Minimum, GetPaidMail, YouRoMail, JillsClickCorner etc. MultiMoneyGroup is one of the most creative PTR/PTC/Traffic/AD Group in the industry today. The site is administered by J. Bruin of MultiMoneyGroup.Easy to reach payout starting at 10 cents only. A low $0.10 payout for LibertyReserve, OkPay, PerfectMoney and RoutePay. $1 payout for PayPal, AlertPay. $2.50 payout for SolidTrustPay. Fresh ads daily - I mean, Lots, Lots, Lots of ads!


Current: paying    Link values: $0.02    Payout: $2  via Payza, STP, PM, Bitcoin

Launched on March 2015 and paid out over $7,000,000 so far! My Paying Ads is one of the longest running Rev Shares due to so many customers who keep reinvesting into their business. Promote your own site with high quality traffic while earning revenue from ad packs. There are really 4 opportunities to earn with my paying ads. Paid to click: All members can earn by visiting websites listed in the "Earn money" page (PTC-"Paid to Click" Advertisements). These are ads listed by other members of our site. Revenue Sharing Rewards (Profit Sharing): Revenue sharing is done until the members receive 120% earnings on their adpack purchases. Referral commission: They offer all our members 10% referral commission. So join for free and start getting paid. Where to find your cash link to earn money? Account > Member Tools > View PTC Ads


5. The best PTC sites!

Best of the best. These sites are deserves faith and respect. Always paying, always helping the members. They all have something in common: Great owners, reliable payouts, successful operating records, good customer service, fair advertising rates, loyal advertisers and happy members. No need to look further. Join a few today and start getting paid regularly.

ClixSense                                       Proof of payment: 13 times / $151.66

Current: paying    Link values: $0.01    Payout: $8    2 times a Week via PP,AP,LR,CH

Launched on February 2007. Runs on a custom script. The largest and most trusted PTC site on the internet. This site has paid its members over $1 million, NEVER failed to pay on time every time. Earn up to 2c per click, Up to 1c per referral click, Huge 8 level referral program ($2 bonus when 1st level referral upgrades), Daily prizes up to $5 with ClixGrid, 20c sign-up bonus (after 20 clicks), Guaranteed ads daily. Payment by Check, PayPal, PayToo. Owned by Jim Grago of USA, The same owner of AdHitz. If you have missed this site for whatever reason, better late than never.

NeoBux                                               Proof of payment: 10 times / $90.11

Current: paying   Link values: $0.001  Payout: $2 Instant payments via PP,AP,Neteller

Launched on April 2008. Runs on a custom script. A spectacular program has paid over $55 million to it's members and amazing history of always paying Instantly!
Only $2 minimum payout via PayPal, AlertPay and NETELLER. They always paying instantly even with NO fees, no other bux sites like it. Earn up to 1c per click, huge 50% referral earnings.
Part of NeoDev Lda (owner: Fernando of Portugal).

BuxP                                                  Proof of payment: 14 times / $215.85

Current: paying   Link values: $0.001   Payout: $6.99   Within 30 days via PP,AP

Launched on May 2008. Runs on AuroraGPT script. Part of the Pandux Network. This site is run by one of the most reliable webmasters in the business. And also has a great features and the potential to be longevity. Online and paying for over 3 years. Link values are $0.005~$0.001. 50+ ads daily. Many other ways to earn, get paid for viewing videos, accept offers, take surveys and more. Payments are within 30 business days but usually sooner, very sooner. Support forum for members queries. Admin also on Twitter.

Hits4Pay                                         Proof of payment: 5 times / $171.49

Current: paying     Ref: 2 levels     Payout: $25      15th of every month via PP,Check

Launched on April 2001. Runs on custom script. Part of Multiple Stream Media. The real limited company (Owner: Abe Cherianis), registered in the NY, USA as Multiple Stream Media. Over 10 years online and paying. This site is one of the highest paying paid to sites online ever. Earn 2 cents per e-mail read and earn 1 cent per referral's e-mail read (1st and 2nd level). Very easy navigation, just log in and click - no clogged up email account. Get paid 15th of every month via PayPal and Check. International members are welcome. Free sign up and get $5 as a bonus in your account instantly.

WordLinx                                              Proof of payment: 3 times / $39.47

Current: paying   Link values: $0.001   Payout: $10   Instant payments via PP,AP

Launched on October 2003. Runs on custom script. Part of the Rogue Media Network (Owner: Richard Sturdy). This program is one of the oldest active PTC sites around. 8 years paying instantly and still going strong. This site is consistently improve itself. They keep offering new features in order to attract new advertisers - What a positive step! Link values are $0.01~$0.001 per click. 3% commission of referral clicks and sales earnings. Recently they launched a huge referral system where you can earn on 10 levels of free referrals clicks, sales and upgrades!


6. Other income opportunities!

AdClickXpress, Give your website a boost! Get your 600 FREE visitors NOW!

AdClickXpress                                  Proof of payment: 7 times / $930.54

Current: paying   2% day / 60% month  Payout: $10  Within 24hrs via AP,STP,EG,OK

No referring. Earn 2%+ per day or 60% per month. $10 positions - multiple purchases allowed. Triple in a few months. Increase earnings with daily compounding. Compound earnings and totally passively. If you want to earn more then refer and you can earn great commissions but NOT needed. Two-tier referral bonuses 10% and 5%.

Universal Ptc Guide - Get Tons of Direct Referrals, How to get 30+ direct referrals a day free & strategy how to earn with rented referrals that works.

Universal PTC Guide                                 

Current: paying     Payout: Avg $/sale: $5.56    via Payoneer,Direct Deposit,Check

Guide that teach user how to get lots of direct referrals using unique methods, that are used by the professional online marketers. Get 30+ direct referrals a day for Neobux, ClixSense, Hits4Pay, BuxP, WordLinx any other PTC site without spending a single penny. Earn $2,000+/month on your PTC site.

CB Passive Income License Program, this may sound harsh to you. But the truth is… It’s REALLY HARD for newbies to make any money online whatsoever.

CB Passive Income                                 

Current: paying     Payout: Avg $/sale: $41.57    via Payoneer,Direct Deposit,Check

Despite what the Gurus have been pitching to you before, it’s NOT entirely true that there are zero costs associated with starting up a solid internet business. There are costs involved… especially with hiring designers and writers, etc! But… What if you could just clone a profitable webpage directly From an internet millionaire… And then make money online for yourself? Basically, this internet millionaire does almost EVERYTHING for you! This is by far the easiest way for newbies to get started and make some serious money online now.

Surveys for Everyone, no matter where in the world you are from. This is the current list of international survey companies that are looking for people from all parts of the world, so matter where you live, these sites are available to everyone.

CashCrate                                    Proof of payment: twice - $20.55/$64.20

Current: paying  Payout: $20  Once a Month (every 20th) via PP,Check,Direct Deposit

Launched on June February 2006. Runs on a custom script. This one is very popular site that pays users to complete offers, surveys, listnet to the radio (RadioLoyalty), videos, tasks (CrowdFlower) and OfferWalls. Most offers are aimed at USA, Canada and Great Britian, people from other countries can join but will not make much from the signup section but the site does have in my opinion the best 2 tier referral system on the internet, where you can earn up to 30% - 20% of your referrals earnings. It is 0% activity requirement to earn from downline! This is the simplest way to earn money online. Join now for free and get $1.00 just for signing up. Tip: You don't need to request payout here. Automatic payout every month (20th).

Turning Hits into Cash, the best ways to promote your site/referral links and earn money. Free traffic and income, get hits and earn money. You earn money for every page that you visit. These programs that pays you.

EasyHits4U                                          Proof of payment: 3 times / $9.54

Current: paying     Click value: 0.03C     Payout: $3     Within 7 days via PP,AP

Are you still clicking for 0.01c, 0.02c, 0.03c? You can do better. A lot better. At EasyHits4U, they pay you $0.30 for every 1,000 pages you visit (which means 0.03c per click), and MOREOVER, give 1,000 visits to your favorite site/referral link (or any other page of your choice)! Key feature: they offer a fair 1:1 exchange rate (you visit one site, and you get one visitor to your site), and IN ADDITION, pay you 0.03c per click. You can send visitors to your favorite PTC sites if you are looking for referrals, it double your earnings! A low $3 payout via PP, AP within 7 days (usually 24 hrs). 50 free credits & 500 text ad impressions upon sign-up (after you surf 50 sites).


Current: paying    Payout: $10~$20  via  PayZa, Ego, LR, Credit/Debit, Online Checks

A reliable get paid to surf and PTC site. SmileyTraffic is an unique get-paid-to click/ manual surf/ auto surf/ paid to click exchange site with many twists. Free members can earn $0.03 per 100 manual surfed and get paid $0.15 for free referrals! The paid to click has 1/4 and 1/2 cent per click, the amount of ads there will depend on advertiser's participation. You also receive money and credits from your downline clicks and PTC's, depending on your membership level. No monthly surfing requirement will ever be enforced by Smileytraffic. International members are welcome.

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