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The following programs are the sustainable programs. If you looking for *reliable* and *stable* sites, then here's your list. They all pay and are very active. Managed by reliable webmasters.

More promising sites are under reviews: So be sure to check back frequently this page as I will be updating the list regularly.

CashnHits                                                Proof of payment: 3 times / $8.55

Current: paying   Link values: $0.001   Payout: $0.60   Within 48 hours via PP,AP

Launched on August 2009. Runs on AuroraGPT script. The website is owned and operated by proven paying webmasters - Saket Asati and Serenity aka Julia. Paid out over $60,000+ to its members. Get paid to click, auto surf, read, promote, sign up and more. Auto surfing which is 200 and you get $0.04 daily earnings. Promote your referral URL and get $0.0003 for each click. Support forum for members queries. Available live support for members. Admin also on Twitter. Free 50 x-credits and 500 banner credits upon joining. A low 60 cents payout via PayPal and AlertPay.

JillsClickCorner                               Proof of payment: 15 times / $22.56

Current: paying   Link values: $0.001   Payout: $1   Within 24 hours via PP,AP,LR

Launched on March 2006. Runs on ShiftCode script. Part of the MultiMoneyGroup family which includes:  DonkeyMails, No-Minimum, GetPaidMail, YouRoMail, JillsClickCorner etc. MultiMoneyGroup is one of the most creative PTR/PTC/Traffic/AD Group in the industry today. The site is administered by J. Bruin of MultiMoneyGroup. This site has been around for quite a while and proven themselves. Lots of other ways to earn more. Paid to sign up offers earn average $5 daily. Win great prizes by playing great games, exchange game tokens to cash. Chance to win a Jackpot for joining offers. Easy to reach payout starting at 10 cents only. A low $0.10 payout for LibertyReserve, OkPay, PerfectMoney and RoutePay. $1 payout for PayPal, AlertPay. $2.50 payout for SolidTrustPay. Fresh ads daily - I mean, Lots, Lots, Lots of ads!


Current: paying  Link values: $0.01 Payout: $4  Instant Payout via PP,AP,Neteller,Ego

Launched on December 12, 2013. Runs on a custom (zapScript v1.0) script. An registered company. Part of the group ZapIdeas Inc., founded in 2010. Get paid to clicking ads and lots of other ways to earn. Guaranteed ads daily. Allowed unlimited direct referrals and 50% referral earnings for free members with 30 days inactivity terms. $4 instant payment via PayPal, Payza, Egopay and Neteller. All countries accepted.

CashCamel                                        Proof of payment: 14 times / $7.20

Current: paying   Link values: $0.001   Payout: $0.01   Within 72 hours via PP,AP

Launched on March 2011. Runs on AuroraGPT script. This site is paying honestly almost a year now. Owned and operated by Kristopher Armes (aka Kris) who has a very high reputation. Over 100+ ads to click daily. Payout only $0.01 for PP, $1.01 for AP. Cheap advertising.

Scarlet-Clicks                                          Proof of payment: twice / $0.72

Current: paying     Link values: $0.001     Payout: $0.30     Within 72 hours via PP,AP

Launched on April 2009. Runs on Aurora script. Owned and operated by Dimitris Kor of Greece. One of the proven PTC sites that has been online and paying for over 2 years with no major problems. Get paid to click, read, promote ($0.20 CPM), click exchange and more. Great referral earnings with no direct limit - 40% for free members (up to 100%). A low $0.10 payout for PP, $1.02 for AP usually within 24 hours. All countries accepted.


Current: paying     Link values: $0.001     Payout: $1     Within 72 hours via PP,AP

Launched on October 2010. Runs on Aurora script. Fully owned and operated by the same owner of Scarlet-Clicks. A low $1 payout for PP, $1.02 for AP usually within 24 hours. All countries accepted.

Bucks4Shares                                     Proof of payment: 6 times / $1.19

Current: paying   Link values: $0.001   Payout: $0.01   Within 48 hours via PP,LR

Launched on February 2011. Runs on BuxHost/NextGen script. This bux site is online and paying without any problems since February 26, 2011. The site is owned and operated by Marek Gajdosz of Poland who has a good reputation. A registered company in the Poland. No minimum cashouts for all members which is a great option. Guaranteed payouts for all members. The site with one of the cheapest advertising plans for advertisers. Tip: You do not have to click to earn from your referrals.


Current: paying  Payout: $20  Once a Month (every 15-20th) via PP,Amazon,Check

Launched on June June 2005. Runs on a custom GPT script. TreasureTrooper is a popular GPT site that has been online and paying since 2005. Easily earn hundreds of dollars with no up front costs. No other site pays this much to complete offers. All countries accepted (however USA, UK, and Canada will have the most offers). 2-tier referral system (20% and 5%)and get $1.00 just for signing up. Get paid monthly on the 15th ~ 20th of each month. $20 minimum payouts via PayPal, Amazon and Check (PayPal is only available for members from US, UK, Canada, India, and Australia currently). Note: Do not give fake info on offers or it could result in a ban. Tip: In my experience, the quickest way make money with TT is cash offers and cash surveys. All you have to do is go to 'cash surveys' (the menu on the top lest of your screen) and then click 'Survey Seeker' then click 'ENTER' button.

Payment Processors:
PP (PayPal) / AP (AlertPay/Payza) / STP (SolidTrustPay)MB (MoneyBookers/Skrill) / EP (EgoPay) / PM (PerfectMoney) / PO (Payoneer) / CP (Click2Pay)

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